CDC-backed website hopes to connect people with available COVID-19 vaccines

Posted at 11:28 AM, Feb 25, 2021

The CDC-backed website,, has now been updated to include COVID-19 vaccine locations nationwide, sharing information about where supplies have been shipped to hopefully help eligible people find appointments.

"The idea is to show where COVID-19 vaccine providers [are] that are open to the public — how to contact them, how to book an appointment, and try to show the daily inventory status so people are clear where there's vaccine and where there isn't," John Brownstein, the founder of VaccineFinder and Chief Information Officer at Boston Children's Hospital told NPR.

Those looking to get a vaccine will still need to contact the pharmacy or clinic listed on the website either by phone or online to check they still have vaccine supply and to actually make the appointment. shows which locations have been given vaccine supply directly from the federal government, and may not include all locations that have received their supply from the state or county health departments.

Right now, the website includes more information from locations in Alaska, Indiana, Iowa and Tennessee, including hospitals, clinics, and public vaccination centers.

They are working to add more locations and providers in the “coming weeks,” the website says.

The website,, started nine years ago after the H1N1 pandemic and lists locations for flu vaccines and other common vaccinations. The CDC worked with doctors and engineers at Boston Children’s Hospital to include information about where COVID-19 vaccinations are.

With the lack of a centralized vaccine location tracking and appointment system, several states and savvy entrepreneurs have developed regional websites and systems to help people in their area find available shots.