Washington Commanders' Jack Del Rio defends comparing Floyd protests to Capitol riots

Commanders Football
Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 13:30:39-04

ASHBURN, Va. — Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio caused a stir on Twitter Tuesday, posting a question about his perceived disparity between the intensity of the investigation into the January 6th incident at the Capitol with what he feels is a disproportionate response to the BLM protests of two years ago.

On Wednesday, Del Rio spoke to the media after the team's practice in Ashburn, and was asked about his response.

"I'm just expressing myself" Del Rio explained. "I think we as Americans all have the right to express ourselves. Especially if you're being respectful I'm being respectful."

Del Rio's tweet was in response to the upcoming hearings on the January 6th Capitol confrontation. The longtime coach does not believe any of his players, a majority of whom are African-American, are concerned about his views on the matter.

"What did I ask? A simple question" Del Rio continued. "Why are we not looking into those (BLM protests) things? I see the images on TV. People's livelihoods are being destroyed. Business are being destroyed. No problem."

"And then we have a dust up at the Capitol, nothing burned down, and we're going to make that a major deal. I think there are two standards. I think if we apply the same standard and are reasonable with each other, let's have a discussion."

Some of the Commanders defensive players were asked about Del Rio's comments but had not seen them. Head Coach Ron Rivera would not discuss talks he has with his coaches, especially on off the field matters. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion" Rivera offered. "If it ever becomes an issue or a situation (in the locker room) then we'll have that discussion."

Del Rio also offered to speak with any player that has a concern with his views. "We're Americans. Let's have a discussion. I love my guys, I respect my guys, but I also love that I'm an American and that means that I'm free to express myself. And I'm not afraid to do that."