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Gov. Northam: 'We are well stocked with PPE'

Posted at 9:55 PM, May 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-20 23:27:25-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- In aFacebook Live interview with CBS 6, Gov. Ralph Northam confirmed that Virginia is "well stocked" with personal protective equipment and doesn't expect to have shortages in the near future.

On Wendesday, the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association announced that they did not expect any hospitals in the state to have PPE shortages in the next 72 hours.

"VHHA made that announcement and they have a good supply of PPE," Northam said. "We have a warehouse here in Richmond that I visited several days ago and we're well stocked," Northam confirmed to CBS 6.

While the state's PPE supply is distributed amongst hospitals, Northam said that the supplies could also be made available to nursing homes if need be.

"As far as the nursing homes and long term care facilities, they need to go through their usual supply chains, but we have gauranteed them that if they're having difficulty with PPE," "But we have guaranteed them that if they're having difficulties with PPE, that we have a supply and that's why we're here as a commonwealth."

Last week, the state purchased 100,000 masks from Taiwan and had received 1.7 million pieces of PPE.