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Youngkin becomes GOP governor candidate after Synder concedes

GOP Convention-Virginia
Posted at 10:41 PM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 23:31:21-04

FALLS CHURCH, Va. -- On Monday night, Glenn Youngkin secured the spot as the Republican nominee for governor after entrepreneur Pete Snyder conceded.

Youngkin, a former CEO of a global investment firm, received 55.36% of the votes over Snyder, allowing him to cinch the race.

Snyder took to Twitter on Monday to send his best wishes to Youngkin following his concession.

Youngkin also took to Twitter on Monday evening saying that he is prepared to lead and that he is excited to serve.

The nominee campaigned as a “conservative Christian outsider” and highlighted his business experience.

Over 30,000 delegates cast ballots on Saturday at an “unassembled convention” to choose their nominees for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general.

Tellers began counting ballots on Monday morning to determine the Republican nominee for governor. Former Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox trailed in fourth place for most of the day and was eliminated in the fourth round of counting. Sen. Amanda Chase was eliminated shortly after.

By Monday night, the seven candidates were narrowed down to Snyder and Youngkin.

"It looks like a lot of Republicans have decided that they just wanted to move in an entirely new direction because they’re tired of losing, they want a chance of winning and they really decided to look to somebody who had actually never really been active in Virginia Republican Party," Dr. Bob Holsworth said.

On Sunday night, Jason Miyares narrowly won the party's nomination for Attorney General.

Political analysts anticipate that this year's gubernatorial race will be an expensive and highly-contested election.

"They’ll talk about gun safety, they’ll certainly talk about the civil unrest of last year. The republicans are going to accuse the Democrats of moving too far to the left but at the end of the day the choice for governor is going to be the person who by in large Virginians believe can handle these issues of moving the economy forward in the post covid era and trying to assure that the schools get back on track in Virginia after a year of almost total disruption for so many parents," Holsworth said.