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13 neighborhoods collect food for Chesterfield students during COVID-19 shutdown

Posted at 11:39 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 23:47:38-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- As schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, one family's drive to collect food for Chesterfield students in need morphed into a multi-neighborhood drive.

When schools closed last week, Kelly Kaze and her family wanted to help students who needed meals, so they took their idea to social media.

"I think it's a great way for us to stock the pantry," Kaze said.

The grassroots neighborhood food drive started in their Hallsley neighborhood with neighbors dropping off non-perishable snacks and meals to a bin on the Kaze's front door step.

In just one week's time, the project grew to include 13 other Chesterfield neighborhoods.

Those families offered to help collect and deliver donations to the Chesterfield County Food Bank, which is helping supply meals to children in need.

With hundreds of meals needed on a weekly basis, the project is providing much need relief to the food bank and is helping families who want to reach out.

"I've had so many people in my neighborhood say, 'Thank you,'" Kaze explained. "Because everybody wanted to do something, and there's nothing to do except stay home and make sure you're taking care of your family. This was such an awesome way for people to safely walk through the neighborhood with their goods and drive up and keep social distance- say hello- and drop off food and go."

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