VCU student feels 'cheated' after not getting refund: 'I am getting nothing in return'

Posted at 12:48 PM, Apr 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-08 13:01:54-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia Commonwealth University will issue refunds to some students due to the coronavirus, but senior Lenny Dorrian will not be one of them.

That’s because the refunds will only include money back on student housing, dining, and parking.

The university said it would not be issuing refunds for tuition or mandatory fees since courses are still being completed and instructional services are being provided.

Dorrian doesn’t live on campus, pay for student parking, or have a meal plan, so he won’t get a credit.

The senior says he's concerned for students like himself who have still paid tuition for a learning experience that's been completely changed.

“I live off campus. I don't have a meal plan. I don't pay for student parking. I have Parking that is right behind my own house, so I am getting nothing in return,” said Dorrian. “So the big problem that I have with that is that my educational experience has been greatly hampered yet there is no change in the amount of money that I am paying to keep it going.”

Dorrian tells CBS 6 he understands that professors still need to be paid and that the online program has to be maintained, but he wishes there was something for students who don’t fall into the current refund groups.

“We have things we need to keep running. We have the IT Department, the library, you are still getting credits which I can understand,” he added.

CBS 6 has reached out to VCU to see if during their process of issuing out funds to students -- if they will be looking into how to accommodate those who do not fit in the current refund groups. We are awaiting a response.

Who will get refunds?

In terms of parking refunds, students will get money back for the remaining months of the spring semester -- and those refunds will be given out over the next few weeks.

VCU will also issue refunds to student’s accounts for housing and dining on Thursday. All eligible students who left the residence halls after campus closed March 13 will automatically receive a credit or refund.

Students not living in on-campus housing as of April 6 will receive dining refunds.

However for students with a dining plan that are still living in on-campus housing -- a credit will not be processed.