Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center employees test positive for COVID-19

Posted at 11:32 AM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 18:37:05-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. – Two employees at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center in Chesterfield have tested positive for COVID-19.

The employees were in close contact with one another and were asymptomatic when reporting to work, according to the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice.

Officials say the employees had limited contact with youth and are being treated at home.

In addition to the two employees at Bon Air, one juvenile in a contracted facility and one employee in a Court Service Unit has tested positive.

The juvenile is reported to be improving rapidly.

The Court Service Unit employee, who does not provide supervision or treatment of youth, was out of the office on leave for nearly two weeks prior to the diagnosis. There was no exposure to other employees.

No youth has tested positive at the Bon Air JCC.

All residents are monitored closely for symptoms and screened every 72 hours per CDC guidelines, according to DJJ which has been collaborating closely with the Department of Health regarding these recent diagnoses.

A DJJ spokesperson says visitation to Bon Air has been suspended since March 13, and is unrelated to the employee having tested positive. The suspension is until further notice and includes all transportation services to and from the facility.

Th spokesperson says Bon Air is following Virginia Department of Health protocols for notifications and CDC protocols for safety and cleaning.

“We will make every effort for family members to have contact with the residents via telephone and video. We appreciate your understanding as we do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus, and keep our residents healthy,” the website update read.

Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center is a 284-capacity facility serving a coed population age 11-20 who have been committed by the juvenile court.

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