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Cobra Burger defends Richmond, wins national burger cook-off: 'Cobra forever!'

Posted at 8:47 AM, Apr 29, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- America's best cheeseburger might be served right here in Richmond, Virginia. Adam Musselman, who co-owns Cobra Burger in Richmond's Church Hill neighborhood, recently helped prove that statement when he appeared on THE TALK’s “Food Face-Off” on Friday, April 22. On the afternoon talk show, which airs nationwide on CBS, Musselman's Cobra Burger went up against a Juicy Lucy burger from Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Of course, the Cobra Burger won!

We tracked down Musselman, via Instagram messenger, to ask him about the big win.

Cobra Burger.jpg
Adam Musselman, who co-owns Cobra Burger in Richmond's Church Hill neighborhood.

Scott Wise: Cobra Burger is known not only for delicious food, but also a... colorful... social media personality. Were you shocked when CBS called to invite Cobra Burger on national TV?

Adam Musselman: Definitely shocked. I asked the producer to make sure they knew who we were and what our brand was. Like, sure I can not say f*** on TV but we are who we are and we don’t exactly hide it. Just look at what Facebook thinks of us.

Scott Wise: How did you prepare for the competition?

Adam: Cobra Pale and a shot of Fernet. (Jk. Maybe.)

I flew out with the stuff I couldn’t make there. So Martins buns, Cobra pickles, pickled red onion, and Cobra sauce.

They had a local butcher grind local California beef to my specifications. That’s really about it. There’s no prep for the being on tv part.

Scott: Were you nervous? If so, how did you overcome those nerves?

Adam:) I was terrified. A live studio audience staring at you? It’s crazy man.

I didn’t really overcome it I just kinda went for it.

Like in my head I had dumb jokes I was going to make but honestly once I got out there I just sorta blacked out hahaha.

Couldn’t have told you what I said until I watched it myself.

Cobra Burger 04.jpg
Paul Rees (left) and winner Adam Musselman

Scott: What did you make of the other guy (Paul Rees, general manager of Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis)? Was there any chance you'd lose?

Adam: Paul was super cool. Very friendly and there was a mutual respect for sure.

We talked shop for a while and had a beer together.

Even invited each other to our respective restaurants.

But was there a chance I was going to lose?

No way. Cobra forever.

Scott: What is the guy from Stand By Me like in real life? [Note: Actor Jerry O’Connell, who played Vern in Stand By Me, is a co-host of the show]

Adam: lmao. He was nice. Shook my hand like a million times. We didn’t talk that much. Pretty sure he forgot who I was after every handshake.

Cobra Burger 02.jpg
Jerry O’Connell, aka Vern from Stand By Me, and champion Adam Musselman

Scott: Any other celebrity encounters to share?

Adam) That dude from American Ninja Warrior was cool.

Scott: Are Cobra Burger prices going up because you're now a Hollywood star?

Adam: Nah. The only reason Cobra prices would go up is that everything is going up. Inflation sucks.

Cobra Burger is located at 400 North 27th Street in Richmond, Va. You can find them online here.

Adam and co-owner Joshua Franklin shared the restaurant's origin story on a 2021 Eat It, Virginia podcast.

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