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JoRyan hopes his forever family enjoys the outdoors

Posted at 12:09 AM, Nov 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-07 11:44:04-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- Meet 15-year-old JoRyan. He is an expressive, enthusiastic young man with a wonderful sense of humor who knows what he wants in a forever family.

"When they're nice to me, respectful to me, keep me safe and keep me happy," he said. "[Also] watching scary movies, eating food together, like popcorn, pizza, ice cream."

JoRyan loves board games that involve strategy. He also likes video games and wants to be a professional video gamer or YouTuber when he grows up.

He loves playing basketball and football and being outdoors, climbing trees, and riding his bike. He hopes his forever family enjoys that, too.

JoRyan loves sweets, especially ice cream and his favorite food is McDonald's chicken nuggets.

His favorite classes are math and recess.

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