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Jason is a talented artist looking for his forever family

Posted at 7:23 AM, Nov 14, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- Meet 16-year-old Jason.

Although quiet at first, Jason enjoys conversation and experiencing new things.

"My friends describe me as very caring, very passionate about what I'm passionate about," he said.

Jason loves outdoor sports including soccer, football, and volleyball, and enjoys longboarding as a way to wind down.

"I like to longboard, and I like drawing, those are pretty much my two favorites," he said.

Jason is also a talented artist with big hopes for his future.

"I either want to be a tattoo artist or go into jewelry making," he said. "It's just like working with diamonds, and different gems, I think they're pretty cool."

His favorite food is General Zho's chicken with white jasmine rice and his favorite holiday is New Year's because you get to start fresh.

Jason wants his forever family to know he has come a long way and will be a steady, loving addition.

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