Surprising a Richmond mom as her kids start school at Clark Springs

Tyler CBS6 Gives
Posted at 4:30 PM, May 09, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- On Monday, Fox Elementary students moved into their new temporary home at Clark Springs Elementary School. The move came nearly three months after a massive fire destroyed Fox Elementary.

With the help of Virginia Credit Union, Tyler Layne surprised one Fox Elementary mom who has been through many changes in the past two years.

One Richmond mom said that the past few months have been challenging for her family.

"Since March 2020, when COVID first hit and they shut schools down, everything got real hectic. Before the shutdown, they were attending Cary, but then they rezoned so they went to Fox. My youngest child, who is in the first grade, she experienced her kindergarten year virtually. So of course, they do a whole year virtually. In September, they came back to Fox. And then the weekend of Valentine's Day was when they had the traumatic fire. We went back to virtual for a little while then we went to the church. Then we were closed last week and now, we'll be starting at Clark Springs. Every time you think there is going to be some kind of normalcy, something snatches the rug from under your feet. So you just play it day by day," the mom said. "The children need to be in school, they need to be around their other classmates and you need that social contact."

Tyler surprised her with two gift cards to thank her for her patience throughout the recent ups and downs.

"Thank you! I appreciate that. That's so sweet."

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