Honoring the life of Lt. Colonel Louis Martin

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Posted at 7:54 AM, Dec 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-24 07:54:14-05

CHESTERFIELD, Va. — Old Glory is now flying high over the now spruced up Chesterfield home of the late Lieutenant Colonel Louis Martin.

“That's telling everybody that the Martin household, you know, thanks to Louis Martin, we're saying we're Americans, we're patriots, we love our country,” said Martin’s daughter Sheila Martin Brown. “This is a very real symbol of that. So, that mean actually the other neighbors here are veterans and this is for all of us. It’s for the neighborhood.”

The 104-year-old World War II veteran, who was featured in CBS 6's"Saluting Our Veterans” died peacefully at the VA hospital in November. He was proud to serve in the Army and the Air Force.

Meet 104-year-old Virginia veteran who served in WWII

CBS 6 was so moved by his story that we decided to surprise his daughter who lived with him as part of our CBS 6 Gives segment.

“We are so excited because with the help of our friends at Home Depot and Project Homes, we were able to surprise them with a brand-new roof, and new gutters,” said CBS 6 investigative reporter Laura French. “What Sheila doesn't know is that we have one more surprise for her.”

“So, Project Holmes is a nonprofit organization that has been serving the region for almost 30 years,” said Project Homes VP of Energy Conservation Programs, Kerri Walker. “Now, Home Depot we've worked with in the past. They reached out to see if we'd help coordinate this project forum, and we agreed to do that. Obviously, it's a great story and it's our first one since post COVID, to be able to get back out in the community. So, we were excited about actually getting out and being able to serve again.”

“So, Sheila, if you can, you know, just put into words what this moment is like for you,” asked French.

“It's great. It's a very nurturing feeling. It's my daddy still taking care of me. All this happened because of him and the appreciation that the community has had for his military service, and what he's done in the community, and I am benefiting now, this is as part of his legacy to me that, you know, I'm still basking in the sunlight of of his good work. So, now this house has a new roof, new gutters, fresh paint, a good back door and for the first time ever, shrubs nicely done and mulch, this flag in the yard,” said Martin Brown.

CBS 6, Home Depot and Project Homes then gifted Martin Brown with a new stove and refrigerator.

“Thank you! Oh, my gracious. Oh, I want to cry,” said Martin Brown.

“I'm a little disheartened because Lieutenant Colonel Martin passed away and he wasn't able to be here today,” said Home Depot Manager Denise Patterson. “I was so looking forward to meeting him. But it's just, it's a huge part of our values giving back to the community at Home Depot and just taking care of people. So, it's it's absolutely amazing and I'm a little overwhelmed with with just how good it feels to be able to do something like this for the family."

"On behalf of Lewis Fraser Martin and Mariah R.W. Martin, I say thank you,” said Martin Brown. “They gave me a good life and their gifts, keep on giving. I promise to do my best to be worthy of the gifts that I have received and to honor the legacy that my parents left.”

The CBS 6 Month of Giving is made possible by Virginia Credit Union.

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