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Double amputee with ‘unbearable’ alley calls CBS 6 for ‘quicker results’

Posted at 8:35 PM, Sep 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-12 20:52:00-04

RICHMOND, Va. — For the third time in three years, a Richmond veteran and double amputee has reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers for help getting the alley behind his home cleaned up.

“I haven’t called the city, I’m going to be frank with you. Because I find I get quicker results in calling y’all,” said Jesse Oliver. He lives on Ridgemont Rd. and said the trees and bushes on either side of the alley are overgrown and causes damage to cars that drive through. “It’s just unbearable. You can see what it’ll do to a car just driving through that.”

In years past, that route through the alleyway was crucial for Oliver.

Both of his legs are amputated above the knee and Oliver only had a wheelchair ramp out the back door of his house, leading to his cars, and the only way in and out was through the alley. Since CBS 6 last interviewed him, he has had a ramp installed in the front of his house, but Oliver said he still prefers the alleyway.

“It’s easier for me, because, well once you get used to something, you’re used to it,” said Oliver, who added that the alley should not have been allowed

The city’s Department of Public Works (DPW) has previously told CBS 6 it is responsible for one half of the alley, while the homeowners are in charge of the other half.

Oliver says he wants city inspectors to come out more often to keep homeowners in check with code enforcement, while he wants the city to pave the alley and keep up with their half of maintaining the foliage.

“They really need to get on their job and correct this once and for all,” said Oliver.

A spokesperson for DPW said that the alley behind Oliver’s home is scheduled to be cleaned within the next two weeks.

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Need help? Contact the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.

Need help? Contact the CBS 6 Problem Solvers.