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Chester homeowner says crew left hole in sidewalk for months

Posted at 6:43 PM, Aug 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-20 18:43:38-04

CHESTER, Va. -- A Chester homeowner reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers after seeing us fix a similar problem for another Chester homeowner.

"I’ve been patient, or procrastinating, or whatever, but you know, might as well get it looked at,” said Cornellis Ramey.

Ramey lives on Osborne Road and told CBS 6 that back on April 13, he came home and noticed that a part of the sidewalk in front of his home and some of his driveway had been torn up and it appeared some work had been done.

"You know, I just figured it, maybe, was a water main break or something. I didn’t know. So, I didn’t preoccupy myself with it,” said Ramey.

He added that over the next day or so, the hole that had been dug was filled in with gravel and traffic cones were placed around it. But Ramey said he was never home when the work was being done, so he did not see who the work crew was associated with.

"From my perspective, whoever did it, I expected that they had some open ticket and it’ll be worked,” said Ramey. "You know in the military, I was trained, you give time for things to unfold and make sure you’re seeing what you think you’re seeing. So, I just I came to a point."

But, come August 20, the gravel was still there. So, Ramey said he reached out to CBS 6 Problem Solvers to help find out who was responsible as he wanted the sidewalk and his driveway repaired for sight and safety reasons.

"You know, when you start thinking about access to accommodating people in handicap situations and things like that, if they were to come down this road, that would be an issue. You know... you got kids riding bikes, people walking at night. Things of that nature,” said Ramey.

The cones that surrounded the gravel patch had “Chesterfield County” spray-painted on them, so CBS 6 made inquiries with the county. A spokesperson eventually determined that the work had been done by the Department of Utilities.

“In mid-April, Chesterfield County Utilities made repairs to a waterline on Osborne Road,” wrote Susan Rowland, Media Relations Coordinator for Chesterfield County, in an email Tuesday afternoon to CBS 6. “The sidewalk in the area was removed to facilitate the repairs, and cones were placed at the site until a permanent repair could be completed. Utilities followed up with the contractor today to ensure the repairs to the sidewalk are completed as soon as possible.”

“We recognize the inconvenience that can be caused by a broken water main and the repairs that follow and we appreciate the homeowner bringing the need for concrete repair work to the county’s attention,” added Rowland. “If at any time customers need to report a water or wastewater issue, please don’t hesitate to call Chesterfield Utilities directly at 804-748-1310.”

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