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Dirt bike riders charged with attempting to kill Richmond Police officers

Posted at 4:29 PM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 23:50:47-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Two dirt bike riders were charged with attempted capital murder after an incident involving Richmond Police.

"On Friday, July 19, officers received calls of vehicles being operated recklessly, including dirt bikes and four-wheel off-road vehicles," a Richmond Police spokesperson said. "At approximately 10 p.m., officers attempted to stop two dirt bikes near the Mayo Bridge. Operators of the vehicles sped past officers, nearly striking the officers. Two riders were arrested at the scene."

Wesley O. Cary, 20, of North Chesterfield, and Di-Jon A. Jones, 20, of Highland Springs, were charged with attempted capital murder and eluding law enforcement. Cary was also charged with possessing stolen goods.

Defense attorney Russ Stone says prosecutors tend to seek the toughest charges in cases involving aggression against police officers.  He says it's  possible the charges could later be reduced.

"If they can prove that a person was intentionally going after these officers and in their minds they wanted to kill those offices, if that proof is there, then it certainly could be attempted capital murder," Stone says.  "But if it's just kids being foolish, stupid and reckless, it's very likely it'll be reduced to something less that that."

"The Department reminds everyone that it is against state law to operate unregistered and/or off-road vehicles on a public roadway," a Richmond Police spokesperson said. "Anyone who observes these vehicles operating on a public roadway or recklessly is asked to call [Richmond Police]."

Two days before the incident with Richmond Police, CBS 6 News reported on a group of riders who snarled traffic in Richmond. Richmond Police said they received several calls regarding the group. It was not clear if the men charged in Friday's incident were connected to the Wednesday event.