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Getting *Dirty in The Kitchen

Posted at 10:40 AM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-29 10:40:11-05

RICHMOND, Va - Executive Chef Ausar AriAnkh of Kitchen Magician Catering Company demonstrated his Dirty Shrimp Omelet. He told us its the spices used that make the shrimp "dirty."

You can enjoy Ausar's food at a dinner he's hosting at Firehouse 15 on Meadowbridge Road on Saturday, December 1st. For more information go to https://www.kitchenmagiciancatering.com/

Dirty Shrimp Omelet

Serves 2


* 10 large shrimp tail off sliced in half lengthwise

* 6 eggs lightly whisked

* 4 grape heirloom tomatoes

* 1 handful spinach

* 1 Tablespoon of olive oil

* 1/4 onion diced small

* 1 tbsp. Blackening Seasoning

* 1 tbsp. of chopped Chives

* 1 tbsp. of chopped parsley

* ¼ cup of shredded pepper jack cheese

* Salt & Cracked Black Pepper to taste


1. Dice onions and slice the grape tomatoes in half lengthwise.

2. Heat a medium sized non-stick pan on a medium heat with olive oil. Throw in the onions and caramelize. Add the grape tomatoes cut side down and sear for about 30 seconds.

3. Add the shrimp rubbed with blackening seasoning and cook on each side for about 30 seconds on each side until blackened.

4. Add the spinach and sauté until wilted.

5. Make sure the pan is well coated with olive oil and then add the eggs top with chives and parsley.

6. Rotate the pan and to make sure all of the ingredients are covered with eggs.

7. While the eggs are cooking, using a rubber spatula, lift the edges of the omelet and rotate pan to allow uncooked eggs on the top to move to the edge of the pan to cook. When there are no more eggs to run off the top of the omelet flip it in the other side.

8. Add pepper jack cheese, chives, parsley, salt & fresh cracked black pepper and allow to cook for another20 seconds. Serve opened face or fold over! Garnish with Shredded pepper jack cheese, parley and chives! Enjoy