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Shuttered Scott’s Addition hotel becoming ‘eyesore’ in booming neighborhood

Posted at 10:59 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-08 11:44:59-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Looming large above West Broad Street, the former Quality Inn hides the freshly booming Scott's Addition neighborhood behind it.

"When you're coming down then all of the sudden there is this big ugly unoccupied building," Tyler Timblin, who hangs out in Scott's Addition, said.

"This area is way cooler than this hotel gives it credit for, it's kind of an eyesore," Lauren Gibson, who ate dinner in Scott's Addition Friday night, said.

The hotel closed nearly two years ago, and since then it's fallen into disrepair.

"I would kinda say calling it an eyesore is kinda complimentary," said Robert Leigh, who was visiting from California Friday.

CBS 6 Problem Solver Melissa Hipolit walked around the property and found windows broken or open with curtains billowing, graffiti, a hole in the fence surrounding the building, ceilings falling down, and trash all over the grounds.

She even found what appeared to be an old hotel room clock on the ground outside hotel.

People she talked to said they want to see new life in this space, like a brand-new hotel or apartment complex.

"Something that matches this area, modern and hip and young feeling, artsy, cultural," Gibson said.

So, what is the plan for the property?

CBS 6 found out it's for sale.

The Better Housing Coalition bought the property in 2016 with the intent of converting the hotel into affordable housing, but a legal battle stalled that plan, and now they are selling the building.

"Hopefully someone is lining up here, or at least looking at it sooner rather than later," Timblin said.

A spokesperson for the Better Housing Coalition said they are considering offers that have been made, and they hope the buyer would include an affordable housing component.