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Richmond officers celebrate community roots on National Night Out

Posted at 10:54 PM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 23:42:23-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Born and raised in Church Hill, Vernon Vaughan can barely walk two feet without someone stopping him to catch up.

"You a doctor now? Ohhhh.... you ain't told nobody you was a doctor now," Vaughan said to one woman while hanging out at a block party in Church Hill for National Night Out.

Even during our interview with him, folks kept coming over to chat.

Officer Vernon Vaughan

"Hey how you doing? Another high school mate," Vaughan said after shaking hands with someone.

Officer Vernon Vaughan defines community policing.

"They don't look at me as a policeman. They look at me as Vernon first, not a policeman," he said.

Officer Vernon Vaughan

He currently works as the Administrative Assistant for Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham, and just by being himself he reflects what National Night Out is all about: working with the community to fight crime.

"As a policeman I’m fair, I listen to people, and I just don't be mean first... I treat people with respect, simple as that," Vaughan said.

Over in Jackson Ward, Sergeant Carol Adams fits right in at the block party outside of Sixth Rising Mount Zion Baptist Church.

She grew up in Jackson Ward.

Sgt. Carol Adams

"That's our goal is for everybody to know us as a human being because I'm really just granny Carol even though I'm in these clothes," Adams said.

Adams said the celebration gives folks the opportunity to have some fun with the men and women who police their streets, and build relationships that will hopefully help investigators solve crimes quickly.

Sgt. Carol Adams

"If you come in and ask for me, and I'm not there just leave a number so I can call you back," Adams said.

Adams said there were 100 events throughout the city to celebrate National Night Out, and 128 groups participated.