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Woman begs for stolen car’s return: ‘Put a mom back in her car’

Posted at 7:21 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-07 19:21:35-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A Henrico mother of two is pleading for the return of her new car after it was stolen from her driveway six months after her other car was totaled after a police pursuit.

“There’s no car, my car is gone,” Ashley Gresham said “I was so shocked. I was wondering was I still dreaming.”

When Gresham stepped outside Tuesday mornin to an empty driveway she quickly realized her new Nissan Altima had been stolen.

The Gresham family.

The Gresham family.

“Bring the new car home, three weeks have been great, then I wake up to no car,” said Gresham.

The new car purchase came after a traumatic accident on Dec. 16, 2016.

Gresham's car

Gresham's car

"I was involved in a collision where I was t-boned coming through a green light by an intoxicated driver who was actively being pursued by a Virginia state trooper,” she added.

While Gresham was injured in the crash, little did she know her bumps and bruises were just the beginning of her pain.

“Within the last six months I have been in a rental car. The last 90 days I have paid out of pocket $190 a week for the rental car, exhausting my funds and savings,” Gresham explained.

She has a message to the person who stole her car: “I’m not mad at you, but I would ask for you to deep down somewhere if you have a speck of heart to please bring my car back and not trash it. I am responsible for a $15,000 car [and] a $3,000 past due loan on a previous car."

The nurse, whose husband is disabled is the sole provider for her family, has worked three jobs to get back on her feet only to hit another roadblock.

“My baby seat was in there, my baby's stroller was in that car. He hasn’t gone to school two days this week because I haven’t had a ride for him,” she said. "Put a mom back in her car that she worked hard to pay for.”

Gresham said she thought her keys were in her purse inside the home but they were actually in the glove compartment of the vehicle that was left unlocked.

Gresham's 2015 smoke gray Nissan Altima S-type

Gresham's 2015 smoke gray Nissan Altima S-type

Police are looking for a 2015 smoke gray Nissan Altima S-type.

“A lot of them are on the street, but that one is mines,” Gresham pleaded.

Gresham said at this point she fears her insurance may drop her.

“I am very worried about getting dropped. I am pretty sure after partially paying off one car, and maybe having to pay off a brand new car, they probably will drop me. Right now what I am banking on is my vehicle being recovered."

If you have seen Gresham's car or have information that could help police, call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.​

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