Why we ride: Team CBS 6 is ready for the Bike MS challenge

Posted at 11:35 PM, May 16, 2017
and last updated 2019-04-25 19:07:14-04

RICHMOND, Va. — On Saturday, June 1, some 20 members of the CBS 6 Team will set out for Williamsburg, traveling 75 or 100 miles to get there.

On Sunday, we’ll turn around in Williamsburg and do the same thing back to Richmond.

It’s the Bike MS: Colonial Crossroads 2019 challenge.

It’s become a cause the entire station has rallied behind, because it’s a tangible way to do something about a terrible disease. Ride, or raise money, or both!


I ride Bike MS each year in memory of my late mother-in-law Nan Dalton. She was a world-class mother to my beautiful bride and her siblings, a doting grandmother to our children, and a devoted friend to me. My two oldest children knew her well; little Lilah was just an infant when Nan died from complications of MS.

When I met her 24 years ago, she was using a cane. By the time she died, she was in a motorized scooter. It’s a tough thing to watch, but Nan never lost her sense her of humor, and her joy at watching her children and grandchildren grow up.

Unfortunately, every year it seems, more heartbreaking connections emerge. My college roommate’s brother Eric was diagnosed at 48, a few years ago.

This past year, my wife and I befriended Ronda, who was diagnosed nine years ago at age 52. She is a gifted chef, who should have many years left to cook and see her grandchildren grow.

My efforts as part of this fundraising ride are to do something for people like Eric and Ronda. Or some of the heroes, like Rick Shoepke, who ride 100 miles each way, in excruciating pain, despite being diagnosed with MS years ago.

We can change the lives of people affected by MS and help fuel progress toward a world free of this debilitating disease. Our entire team would love your support as part of this incredible experience.

Just this past year a new drug was approved for Primary-Progressive MS; when Nan Dalton was diagnosed in the mid-eighties, there were none. Zero.

Think about that. You can do something, just like we are, to help. Please consider riding, or supporting a rider.

I truly believe we are going to beat this disease, and make Nan proud. And Eric. And Ronda. And Rick. And thousands upon thousands of others.

Remember, every dollar raised goes to research or to help people in Central Virginia who are suffering from MS.