Girl who cried UVa gang rape pretended to be her rapist to win a boy, lawyers say

Posted at 11:15 PM, Feb 08, 2016
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -- Three and a half years after an alleged brutal gang rape by fraternity members at the University of Virginia, detailed in Rolling Stone magazine, lawyers say a crush over a boy sparked the sensational article.

Readers were horrified by "A Rape on Campus” when it published online in November 2014, and the article created upheaval at the university.

The 9,000-word article -- with almost as many comments at the time it was taken offline -- described how an UVa first-year student named Jackie was sexually assaulted by seven attackers during a fraternity party, and how the university failed to adequately respond.

The article, with global attention, instigated dialogue about sexual violence on college campuses, but the details of the story soon came under withering scrutiny and it was later retracted. Multiple lawsuits have been filed since its publication.


"I felt like I was going to cry when I saw the article," said UVa student, Ryan Duffin. "I met Jackie the second day I was at UVa."

It was summer 2012, and like most college freshman, Duffin was excited to meet new friends and make lasting memories.

He quickly connected with fellow first-year students Jackie, Alex Stock, and Kathyrn Hendley, after meeting the trio at orientation.

Ryan Duffin and friends. Jackie is on the far left, and blurred.

Ryan Duffin and friends. Jackie is on the far left, and blurred.

But it was Jackie, Ryan says, who wanted more.

"I think that began to become pretty clear maybe about a week after I had met her,” said Duffin, in an interview with CBS 6 reporter Laura French. "She started expressing some physical interest in me then, which I rebuffed.”

It was a rejection which the lawyers currently representing the UVa associate dean’s office said led to deception.

"She tells us that she's met this new guy,” said Alex Stock, who was close friends with Duffin and the others. “She likes to talk about him which I thought was interesting because she had a huge crush on Ryan at the time.”

Jackie told her friends that the new guy was an upperclassman named Haven Monahan.

Alex Stock recounts the bizarre story that took place at UVa.

Alex Stock recounts the bizarre story that took place at UVa.

Ryan said Jackie even convinced him to text Haven, posing as a girl named Brianna, to learn more about him.

"She said that Haven Monahan was somebody in her chemistry class who had been interested in her and had expressed that to her, but she really wasn't interested in him," Duffin said.

“She came up with this plan she got me and Alex to pretend to be other girls in Haven’s class and text Haven to gauge whether he was a good person or not," Duffin said.

CBS 6 obtained logs of hundreds of text messages between Jackie, Ryan and the person on the other end, who was presumed to be Haven Monahan, a fraternity member who would later be accused of rape by Jackie.

These documents are now in the hands of attorneys and CBS 6 has redacted Jackie’s last name and put them online here, so that readers can follow the conversation.

***WARNING. There is graphic language in the texts.***

These texts, which take place between Sept. 2012 and Dec. 2014, chronicle Haven's fabricated interest in Jackie, along with Jackie's secret desire to date Ryan.

The texts CBS 6 obtained end in 2014, with Ryan telling Jackie, “…it’s probably better that we don’t talk right now, too.”


"This Haven character would always complain that she's got a crush on some first year," said Stock.  "It was kind of a fishing expedition to see how she felt about Ryan."

Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 00:51:01 EDT 2012)
He’s still asking for advice about you, to which I’m just telling him that he should go out with me.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 00:54:39 EDT 2012)
Lol good please get him to leave me alone! Tell him I sound stupid and like a waste of his time
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 00:55:11 EDT 2012) (PAGE 25)
He’s complaining about... actually, I think he’s complaining about me.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 00:55:46 EDT 2012) Wait what? You as in Brianna? Or you?
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 00:56:28 EDT 2012) Me as in Ryan. Or Pocket, whichever you prefer.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:01:14 EDT 2012) Haha I prefer pocket:) why is he complaining about you?
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 01:01:32 EDT 2012) Did you tell him anything about me?
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:05:04 EDT 2012) Kind of....Ahh this is embarrassing. I didn’t use your name!)
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:10:57 EDT 2012)
Ok. Can u help me come up with a plan to get Jackie to go out with me and forget the faggot first year she likes? I need girl advice
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Wed Sep 05 01:11:13 EDT 2012) No!
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:13:16 EDT 2012)
01/02:Why? Your a girl. Maybe you can find out who this kid is. Maybe hes a football player. All she would say is that hes ’brilliant and funny and amazing’ or

Court documents allege Haven was a fake suitor created by Jackie to win over Duffin’s affection in an elaborate scheme;  a "figment of her imagination."

“It looks like, based on some research that was done, it was not a real phone it was Jackie hiding behind a computer,” said Stock. 

That would mean Jackie was using the conversation to tell Ryan appealing things about her, and how she felt about the unnamed crush – said to be Duffin.

At the same time, Jackie would tell her friends that she had no interest in Haven, who was reported in the magazine as "Drew."

Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 01:15:34 EDT 2012)
”He’s telling me to text you to find out what you think of him. He also wants Brianna’s help in getting rid of the ””faggot first year”” who he assumes is a football player. ”
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:18:02 EDT 2012)
Thank god you are not a football player. He is in serious need of a clue. I don’t like him because he’s cocky and rude and superficial and everything I try to avoid in a person. But in his mind his alleged good looks make up for all of that. And in Kathryn’s kind too.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:19:09 EDT 2012)
Kathryn’s trying to convince me to date him ever since she saw his picture. I think he’s ugly and a douche but apparently that doesn’t matter if he has biceps. It’s so dumb.
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Wed Sep 05 01:21:34 EDT 2012) 3
My douche meter is off the charts right now. I refuse to believe that somebody like this could actually exist.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Sep 05 01:23:51 EDT 2012)
Haha oh believe it. He’s a frat boy. There are about 3000 more like him. It’s guy like haven monahan who give other guys a bad reputation.

But then, on Sept. 28, 2012 Jackie tells friends she's going to give Haven a chance. The text correspondence between Haven and Ryan Duffin includes questions about what Jackie might like on the date.

At that point Duffin has revealed to Haven that he was really a guy and had only pretended to be Briana for Jackie.

Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 19:32:43 EDT 2012)
I just ran into Jackie and she said you convinced her to give me a shot! Thanks man your awesome! Idk what you said but it worked :)
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Fri Sep 21 19:35:12 EDT 2012) Yeah, no problem, man.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 19:44:05 EDT 2012)
02/03:she thinks I deserve a shot cuz im a good person or sumthin! Thanks! If you ever wanna chill or come to a party at DKE lemme know. Same if your rushin ill
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 19:44:35 EDT 2012)
01/03:I owe you alot. She really must respect you cuz she said she got back from dinner with you and you made her realize what kinda person she wants to be and
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 21:53:06 EDT 2012)
Where should I take her out? She said 5 guys or subway but I was thinking about the old mill room at boars head inn, do you think she’ll like it?
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 21:55:39 EDT 2012)
Or foressts at keswick hall...which one do u think she’ll like more?
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Fri Sep 21 21:56:14 EDT 2012)
I don’t know where those places are, actually. I’m sure she’d like anything.
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Fri Sep 21 21:58:51 EDT 2012) Both of those look nice.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 21:59:41 EDT 2012)
But u know her better then me. Does she like fancy stuff like most girls?
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Fri Sep 21 22:00:05 EDT 2012) She certainly wouldn’t have a problem with it.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 22:06:29 EDT 2012)
Ok cool. Cuz she doesnt like flowers. Or chocolate. Or the shit most girls like. Shes weird but challengin thats why I like her
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Fri Sep 21 22:06:46 EDT 2012) I hope it goes well for you.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 21 22:11:37 EDT 2012)
Thanks an who knows maybe ill get lucky. If I get some action I owe it to you man!

"She mentioned she had been on a date and at some point her date stopped his car in front of his fraternity house," Duffin said.


Jackie called Duffin from UVa grounds, more than a mile from the Phi Kappa Psi house around 11:30 at night.

She told him she needed him to meet her, something bad had happened.

"She said that when they got up to his bedroom there were other men in the room he locked the door behind her and forced her to perform oral sex on five men in the room,” Duffin said. "My first reaction was one of anger; I wanted to know was she okay, but also said you know this person's name you could take this police if you want because you don't want to see this happened other people.”

Duffin and Stock said Jackie refused and asked them to stay the night with her.

“Ryan and I both slept on her floor and encouraged her to go talk to somebody,” Stock said.

In the days to follow Jackie texted Ryan.

Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sat Sep 29 10:11:38 EDT 2012)
Ryan you know you are my favorite person of all time and I trust you more than anything in the world. I just need time to clear my head and I will go and report it. I need to do it when I’m ready though. And right now I’m not. Right now I just need someone to hug me and give me chocolate or something and in a few hours or a few days I’ll be ready
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sat Sep 29 10:12:35 EDT 2012)
I don’t care if anything happens to Haven or the other guys anymore. I just need to see that you’re okay.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sat Sep 29 15:48:38 EDT 2012) 8
I went to the woman’s center
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sat Sep 29 15:50:04 EDT 2012) How did it go?
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sat Sep 29 15:53:40 EDT 2012)
I don’t even know. They asked me all of my past sexual history and if I sleep around here and if I was drinking or on drugs and they kept asking me why I hadn’t used the golden rule of never going to a party alone and I should’ve been with a group and why was I there and did I know anyone....they asked like a billion questions at once and I told them I didn’t want to press charges and they said the frat is out of Charlottesville police jurisdiction anyway and they referred me to their counseling department, SARA and CAPs
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sat Sep 29 15:54:58 EDT 2012)
The woman I talked to was kindof a big time bitch...idk what she’s doing working there. She has no bedside manner whatsoever
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sat Sep 29 15:55:29 EDT 2012) I hope you’re at least a little better b
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sat Sep 29 16:01:33 EDT 2012)
Yeah I’ll be fine I think the best thing for me to do is to not think about it or overanalyze it or obsess over it...just to move on
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sat Sep 29 16:02:08 EDT 2012) Probably, yeah.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Sep 30 22:08:52 EDT 2012) Haven came by and apologized
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sun Sep 30 22:09:30 EDT 2012) Did it do any good? I wouldn’t expect it to.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Sep 30 22:12:17 EDT 2012)
Well he asked for a second chance and I said pffft no way but I told him I forgave him for what happened friday night and then he thanked me for not reporting him which made me feel weird but the bottom line is I’m bad at being angry at other people so all I can do is forgive them.


Over three years later Ryan Duffin and Alex Stock, portrayed as Randall and Andy in the Rolling Stone piece, read about that night and how they were portrayed.

They said they read over the article countless times since it was published in 2014.

"Andy said, you had a bad experience at a frat and you've been a baby ever since," Stock read aloud from the "A Rape on Campus" article. "Which is also something I wouldn't even say.”

“I’m portrayed as a heartless friend basically I’m telling her not to report the rape because I want to join a fraternity,” he added.

The very friends who came to Jackie's aid Sept. 28, 2012 said they were never contacted by the writer, or anyone else at the magazine.

Ryan Duffin and Alex Stock look at a copy of the story in Rolling Stone magazine.

Ryan Duffin and Alex Stock look at a copy of the story in Rolling Stone magazine.

"If she was covered in blood when we saw her, we would have gone to the hospital immediately,” Duffin said. “She looked pretty normal.”

"She did get all dolled up,” Stock said. “I have no idea for whom, because apparently Drew or Haven or whoever his name was, was her.”

Police said there was never a Haven Monahan enrolled at UVa.


In fact, he never existed, according to lawyer's representing Nicole Eramo, an associate dean at UVa who is now suing the magazine and reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely for defamation [read her court documents at bottom of story].

The “fake suitor“ didn’t just use texts; an email was sent to Ryan from a Yahoo account on Oct. 3belonging to Haven Monahon, just days after the alleged rape.

Lawyers allege Jackie created the email as a way to let Ryan know how she felt about him.

“When I asked Jackie how Haven would haven even gotten this text she said that she wrote that as part of something through the counseling center at UVa., so it was on her file and Haven happened to be employed as a receptionist at that counseling center,” Duffin said.

“Looking back now it seems so obvious at the time you're wondering why would you lie about this at all why would this be the avenue that you take?”

A line from that letter reads, “When you like someone more than he likes you, you’ll do anything to switch the scales.”

That desperation can be seen in correspondence before the alleged rape even occurred. Once Jackie told Duffin that she was dying.

Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Fri Sep 14 00:12:41 EDT 2012)
How extensive is the clause? Because he just disclosed your will to me.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 14 00:13:01 EDT 2012) Ryan, it means I’m dying.
Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Fri Sep 14 00:13:47 EDT 2012) Holy shit. I... I had no idea. Do you want to talk?
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Sep 14 00:15:15 EDT 2012)
It’s a big deal because people treat you differently, like you’re about to break at any given moment. And it’s not cause they like you and it’s not cause they’s because you’re perishable and that scares them
Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Fri Sep 14 00:17:37 EDT 2012)
I won’t tell anybody. You have my word on that. Haven, on the other hand.

“It looks like based on some research that was done it was not a real phone, it was Jackie hiding behind a computer,” said Stock.

Ryan confronted Haven Monahan and Jackie about his suspicions in October 2012.

Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Sun Oct 07 15:00:07 EDT 2012) That number is me. Please just call it.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 15:01:33 EDT 2012) Why
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Sun Oct 07 15:01:47 EDT 2012) I’ll explain when you do. I just had a few questions.
Please. I just need to talk, but I can’t do it over text. I thought it might make you call. A dumb idea on my part, I know.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 15:03:56 EDT 2012)
Fine ill fucken call you at 8 wen I get off. But if its about jackie I dont wanna talk.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 18:21:32 EDT 2012) Ok but why?
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Sun Oct 07 18:23:57 EDT 2012) It’s weird to explain over text. I can tell you later.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 18:27:37 EDT 2012) Is it about jackie?
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Sun Oct 07 18:28:01 EDT 2012) Yeah, it is, sort of.
Haven Monahan to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 18:28:38 EDT 2012) She said you guys were fighting
Ryan Duffin to Haven Monahan: (Sun Oct 07 18:29:06 EDT 2012)
I didn’t know we were fighting. I’ve just been curious about some things, and you’d be able to help me out.

Prior to that Jackie and Ryan fought.

Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 16:26:34 EDT 2012)
You know what Ryan, I’ve always trusted you and put you first and believed you over every- one. I have no clue what the hell happened with (redact) that made you suddenly distrust me and dig through my life but its fine. I’m not mad and I’m sure you have a reason. But if you can’t trust me and you feel the need to question everything because you think I somehow lied to you then we can’t be friends. When you are friends with someone, you trust them. And I’ve always, always trusted you. And if you’re manipulating people and lying to try and get some information to prove some point, go for it. I have no idea what you’ll prove but go ahead. I hope you find what it is that you’re looking for.
Ryan Duffin to Jackie: (Sun Oct 07 20:03:27 EDT 2012)
(redact) and I had to consider that a possibility. It was a possibility that could make sense. We could find no evidence that Haven ever was at UVA. People Search turned up nothing. Even though he dropped out, he should still show up on it. We had more reasons. It was an answer that would actually have worked, but we wanted to be sure before we brought it up to you. I wasn’t planning on Haven going and telling you, because I knew that you’d react like this.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Sun Oct 07 20:05:55 EDT 2012) Our friendship is over Ryan.

Communication between the two ceased, for two years, until the Rolling Stone article was published.  Then Duffin reaches out to Jackie, and even apologizes to her for not doing more.

Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Wed Dec 03 13:01:09 EST 2014)
”Hey, I wanted to let things die down a little bit before reaching out to you, but I wanted to say I’m really proud of you. I think some real great change is going to come around because of this, even in the face of the liberties Sabrina took.
I’m so sorry I never realized the magnitude of the situation at the time - if I could do it again, I’d have spent more time with you, making sure you were okay.
Duffin asks how she is going and they both commiserate over the “liberties” the author took with the article.
Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Fri Dec 05 16:01:42 EST 2014) Hey, it’s gotten people talking. That’s a huge plus.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Fri Dec 05 17:04:37 EST 2014)
I know. I just hope people listen to all of the other women who have come forward since the article came out.
They don’t talk for five days, and in the meantime Duffin speaks to a reporter with the Washington Post.
Jackie to Ryan Duffin: (Wed Dec 10 17:26:18 EST 2014)
He’s claiming that you told him that don’t think anything happened that night and that I was lying because I had a crush on you.
Ryan Duffin to Jackie : (Wed Dec 10 17:28:38 EST 2014)
I didn’t say that was what I thought, but did say it’s a possibility to be considered.

Conversation between the two ends for good after Duffin questions Jackie.

Why did you tell us before the date ever happened that his name was Haven? Haven Monahan? A name that belongs to no UVA student ever? Why has the name changed since then?”

Duffin's last text to Jackie read: “As I can agree with Palma – bevause [SIC] of your legal concerns and because I’m still being approached by reporters, it’s probably better that we don’t talk right now, too.”


“I think she was originally trying to get Ryan’s attention that’s pretty clear,” Stock said. “Where she went off on the rape story I’m not entirely sure, the theory was that was sort of a grand show to get Ryan’s attention.”

"I don`t know how it was supposed to work because it didn't, but it seems like that was the intent," Duffin said.

"If you were sitting across from Jackie what would you say to her?" French asked.

Ryan Duffin is interviewed at UVa by reporter Laura French. This is in front of a residence hall where Jackie called after she said something bad happened on a date.

Ryan Duffin is interviewed at UVa by reporter Laura French. This is in front of a residence hall where Jackie called after she said something bad happened on a date.

"Ahhhh, at this point I really don't know, the only thing that springs to mind is ‘Why? That's all I have," Duffin said.

"Have you forgiven her? Can you forget?" French asked.

"That’s really asking me for something that’s a lot more philosophical than might be able to fit in a news segment,” Duffin said. “I really, really hope this doesn’t set the issue of being able to provide support to survivors back.”

"The fact is, it happened, so you can’t forget that it happened," he added.

Ryan and Jackie, in 2012.

Ryan and Jackie, in 2012.

“I just hope that Jackie gets the help that she needs with this, because I think she might need it in a lot of ways,” Duffin said.

"She has been the victim of many, many things that never happened," Stock said.

"What would you say to Jackie if she was sitting across from you?" French asked.

"I would tell her probably to get psychological help,” Stock said. “At the end of the day, I still care about her as a human being and want her to get help.”

"I'm a little curious to know why she did it," Stock added.


Lawyers will get the chance to ask those questions next month when Jackie is deposed in Eramo's defamation case.

A federal judge has ordered Jackie to turn over documents related to the magazine’s retracted article as part of that lawsuit.

Phi Kappas Psi has filed similar lawsuits.

Police and lawyers say that Jackie has refused to cooperate in this case.

No police report was ever filed about a rape, so no charges were brought against Jackie, according to police sources.

This news institution has deliberated about identifying Jackie, since police have thus far not found any evidence that a sexual assault occurred, but at this time CBS 6 continues to protect her identity. Lawyers have not named her either.

Jackie's attorneys declined to comment for this story.  Dean Eramo's attorneys had no comment due to pending litigation.

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