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Couple ‘targeted’ with fiery threats after gaining custody of grandson

Posted at 6:17 PM, Aug 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-17 18:17:57-04

POWHATAN, Va. - A vehicle fire that spread to a Powhatan home, the second one in seven months, is under investigation by state police. The homeowners are terrified and said that the fires are a threat.

"I woke up to some loud booms sound like some bomb was going off," said Powhatan homeowner Robert Spence.

Melted metal, singed seats an interior turned to ashes are what’s left of his wife Delray Spence's truck and the carport it was under.

The family was awakened by flames around 9:30 Sunday night.

"When I came out my whole truck was engulfed in flames," Delray Spence said.

The Spence family came out to find a wall of fire had already spread to their deck so they grabbed a garden hose and two fire extinguishers and did what they could until help arrived.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the flames, but the blaze has only ignited more fear in the Powhatan family who had another vehicle catch fire at their home January 23.

"No, this is not an accident. Two in one year and both of them started in the passenger compartment," Delray Spence said. "Two in one year it's unheard of.”

The Virginia State Police called it an "active investigation."

Delray lost money, all of her identification, her security, even part of her father's remains that were in the truck but she's thankful her husband and 4- year-old grandson were not injured in either fire.

"I can replace the truck, if we had to we could replace the house but we can't replace us,” Delray said. “With my grandson here, this is so terrifying and frightening for him.”

"It's very scary especially with a 4-year-old in here," Robert Spence said.

The couple feels they are being targeted.

"There was a threat made after I got custody of my grandson that my house was going to be burnt down," said Delray Spence.

Spence fears for her grandson's life and well-being.

"That's what this person is doing to an innocent 5 year old he's in fear only thing I can do is try to protect him," said Delray Spence. ""Grow up, you gain nothing by this except hopefully jail time," added Spence.

Meanwhile, the Spences plan on installing surveillance cameras on their home.