Chesterfield daycare worker accused of exposing himself to 11-year-old

Posted at 4:52 PM, Feb 04, 2015
and last updated 2015-02-05 01:30:12-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A  daycare worker is accused of exposing himself to an 11-year-old girl in Chesterfield County.

Police said Antonio David Sr. exposed himself to the girl who attended A Little Peace Of Mind Daycare and Learning Center on Dec. 15.

David, who was arrested Saturday, was charged with indecent exposure and indecent liberties with a child by a custodian.

Parents of children at the daycare told CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit they do not believe the charges placed against David.

“I just don’t believe that he would do that, I think he’s a good person,” Shaunta Cross, a parent, said.

“You’re innocent until proven guilty,” Sherelle Simonson, a parent, said.

Antonio David Sr.

Justine Johnson, the Director of the daycare, said David has not worked there since the allegation was made.

“For all precautionary reasons, and for the safety of our children, he has been suspended until this plays out in court,” Johnson said.

Johnson confirmed to CBS 6 that David is her son, and said the accusations are not true.

“We vehemently deny that any such thing happened, we are standing behind Mr. David,” Johnson said.

While many of the parents who spoke with CBS 6 seemed to be supporting David despite the investigation, some said they were concerned that this allegedly happened back in December, but they were not informed about it until CBS 6 reporter Melissa Hipolit showed up and started asking questions.

“I feel they should have told us and informed us with the issue that was going on here,” Greg Maupin, who picked up girlfriend’s daughter, said.

But, Johnson said they had no other choice.

“We were under advice of counsel waiting for this to play itself out even with the detectives, we were not even aware this was going in this direction,” Johnson said.

David is scheduled to appear in court Thursday.