As easy as riding a bike

Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 12, 2014
and last updated 2014-12-12 17:59:53-05

RICHMOND (WTVR) - Troy Jones has ridden BMX bikes competitively for much of his life.

It was natural when his son began riding with him...not so natural when his 13 year old daughter Madison joined in.

But the youngest Jones may end up being the best. She is already ranked #2 in the region for female riders, even though she routinely races against women twice her age.

"I liked racing the boys, that was fun" Madison said at the Richmond BMX course in the East End. "As soon as I got better and started beating them a little bit, that was fun too!"

"It's always better for the kids to race older people, because they're faster" Troy said. "If you always race the same people and you're out front, you get slower."

Madison and Troy can race up to four times a weekend during the summer. Dad was initially hesitant because the sport can be tough at times, both on the spirit and on the body.

"[During one race] she got into a turn with another girl and they began banging [handle] bars. Something just clicked with her, like a light switch went on."

"Many times...I have fallen multiple times" Madison explained while showing the holes and tears in her racing jersey. "As soon as you realize you're fine, you say 'Ok" and get back up and brush your shoulders off."

BMX racing is now an Olympic and professional sport. Troy believes that Madison can go as far as she is willing to work. Because she loves racing, that could be quite far.

"Talent can't take you everywhere" Troy explained. "You have to have the dedication and the work ethic. For some people, it's a long shot. It just depends how determined you can be."