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Hey! What channel is the Washington Redskins game on today?

Posted at 8:24 AM, Nov 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-11-23 11:30:49-05

RICHMOND, Va. — Washington Redskins fans may be a little confused as to why their game at San Francisco is on CBS 6 this Sunday and not on Fox — like usual.

It’s part of the NFL’s new “cross-flexing” plan which is designed to give games with national relevance more of an audience when they are scheduled against other big national match-ups.

This week is a good example.

The national 4:15 p.m. game on Fox this week is Arizona at Seattle, the defending Super Bowl champs against the team with the best record in the NFL. But the Redskins-49ers game is scheduled at the same time, and there is significant national interest in that game as well.

In these cases, the NFL has allowed one of the games to “cross-over” to the opposite network in order for both games to be shown to a national audience.

Typically, CBS 6 shows AFC games, or games where there is one team from each conference playing, we will follow the “visiting” team (example: when the Redskins host an AFC team, CBS will have the rights to that game. Fox would have the rights to the Ravens hosting an NFC team).

Under “cross-flexing,” those rules are relaxed for games with significant national interest.

These “cross-flexing” games are usually determined when the NFL schedule is released in the summer, but there is a “12-day rule” in which the NFL can change the date, time and network of a game 12 days before it is played.

Sometimes, TV listings don’t always catch up with all of these changes, but we will do our best to keep you up to date both on air and on the televisions schedule page.