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Sandston man allegedly gunned down on his birthday by girlfriend’s dad

Posted at 4:36 PM, Oct 20, 2014
and last updated 2014-10-21 08:13:28-04

HENRICO COUNTY, Va.  -- A 19-year-old Sandston father was allegedly shot and killed on his birthday by his girlfriend's father Friday night.

Police were called to the intersection of South Confederate Avenue and West Berry Street at about 11 p.m. Friday.

"I am crying because he was my nephew -- my first nephew," victim Jonathan Raikes' aunt Latisha told CBS 6.aunt

"It is just hard to believe he is gone and on all days his birthday," Latisha said.

CBS 6 has learned from family members that Raikes suffered a gunshot wound to his face following an argument during a gathering that involved drinking. That altercation is believed to have involved Raikes and his girlfriend's father, Walter S. Maybush, who also goes by "Steve."


" I knew he didn't like Jonathon, but I never knew he had it in him," Latisha said.

Eyewitnesses said that Maybush allegedly went back and sat on his porch after firing the fatal shot.

Maybush, who was charged with first-degree murder, is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on Dec. 2.

"We made an apprehension fairly quickly on scene and he was transported to the Henrico Jail where he was booked for first-degree murder," Lt. C.J. Eley with Henrico police said.


Separate Henrico authorities also told CBS 6 News that Maybush was being transported to Pamunkey Regional Jail from Henrico's jail as a precaution because Raikes has relatives in the facility that could pose a safety concern.

Raikes had been dating Maybush's daughter and they had a young child together. Additionally, Raikes and Maybush were neighbors.

According to court records, Maybush has been accused of other past incidents, including eluding police and assault.

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