Why you may still see E-ZPass transponder maintenance fee on your bill this month

Posted at 6:27 PM, Jul 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-07-07 18:31:01-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia's E-ZPass program has phased out its monthly maintenance fee on transponders, but some customers are still seeing the fee on their July billing statement.

"The transponder fees for the flex and standard transponders, the monthly fees went away beginning July 1," Virginia Department of Transportation's Greg Bilyeu said.

That's because Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation in April to eliminate the fee to pay tolls.

"The =governor worked with the General Assembly on this legislation. He signed it into law. It was set to go into effect Sept 1. He pulled it ahead to July 1 and this month there won't be any more fees for your transponders" Bilyeu said.

However, some E-ZPass customers are still seeing the 50 cents to one dollar charge on their bills.

"What customers will see, they'll see a payment in July, either today or yesterday for June activity and there won't be any additional activity or payments beyond today," Bilyeu said

E-ZPass customer Mark Lacy will continue to make payments in cash to avoid unwanted charges.

"I just go in and pay everything cash because I don't want to get caught up like that," he said.

But other customers like John Vellines like the ease of the EZPass payment process and welcome the lesser toll it will take on their credit card.

"Any time they eliminate any fee it's a good thing. I understand it's not a lot but it's something and we love it," Vellines said.

If you have any questions on your bill, you can contact E-ZPass Virginia customer representatives at 877-762-7824 or access your account online

Additionally, customers who had a transponder prior to July 9, 2012 were grandfathered in and never paid a monthly fee.