State milk investigation grows; Albemarle County supply possibly linked

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 04, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-04 19:34:01-04

ALBEMARLE, Va. -- Albemarle County schools pulled Marva Maid milk from their shelves Wednesday,  after deeming the milk had spoiled.

CBS 6 confirmed the Virginia State Health Department is investigating the supply to determine whether or not it is connected to spoiled milk cases from Henrico and Prince William Counties.

It is unclear whether or not the Albemarle County milk will impact the Marva Maid recall.  Currently, a voluntary recall is in place for milk with expiration dates between May 30th and June 2nd.

The expiration dates for Albemarle County fall outside that range.

The Virginia Health Department announced Tuesday Marva Maid Milk did test positive for higher levels of bacteria that results in premature spoilage.

"We will include it in our investigation," Julie Henderson, Director of the Division of Food and General Environmental Services for the Department of Health, said.

"I think we should remind people to trust their nose," Henderson added.

CBS 6 wanted to know whether or not Marva Maid should  have informed the state about spoiled milk reports from Prince William County.

Prince William reported spoiled milk to the company on May 23,  however the state did not find out about a potential milk issue until five days later, on May 28, when Henrico Schools informed the Health Department.

Henderson says Marva Maid was not required to report the Prince William incident to them because it is not considered an "imminent danger."

"If it's an imminent health hazard then they need to notify us -- they must notify us if there is a flood, a power outage, or a fire," Henderson said.

As for how this impacting the company, the University of Richmond announced Tuesday they are switching suppliers as a result of the spoil issue.