McDonald’s begins efforts to debunk pink slime myth

Posted at 7:49 PM, Feb 07, 2014
and last updated 2014-02-07 19:49:27-05

Ever wonder what exactly is in a chicken McNugget?

Mcdonald's of Canada is inviting folks on a video tour that shows the making of a McNugget , trying to debunk the rumor of "pink goo."

Jeanne Moos, CNN,  reports the fast food giant isn't chicken when it comes to taking on a misleading photo: considered the pink elephant in the room.

"What are legitimately in McNuggets. Is there pink goop?"

This pink goop -- a photograph that has snaked around the internet with the caption, "can you guess what McDonald’s food item this is."

It's said to be the entire chicken -- eyes, guts, bones ground up into something called mechanically separated poultry.

Not us, says McDonalds.

"Photo hoax."

But, pink goo won't go away.

"For years McDonalds has been trying to kill this photo."

Now, McDonalds of Canada has taken the goo by the horns, directly addressing the question in a super bowl commercial seen only in Canada.

"What’s actually in nuggets? Is there any pink goop?"

Nope. Nada. None.

Mcdonalds wants you to see what's in their McNuggets, so they've released a video tour.

Starting with whole chickens, the breast meat is set aside to make McNuggets.

"...Dumping it into the grinder and adding the ground chicken breast meat to the blender with some seasonings and some chicken skin."

That's pretty much it: ground up breast meat.

"Here’s pink goo image, and here's what we actually have, so it's very different."

Yeah, beige goo. Just kidding.

Two independent food science experts told CNN that McDonald’s seems to be giving the straight scoop, though of course, there's nothing healthy about all the fat and salt in McNuggets.

There is one other secret revealed on the tour.

"The four chicken mcnugget shapes: the ball, the bell, the boot, and the bow tie."

"The ball, the bell, the boot, the bow tie? Do you see any of those things?"

One thing they're not making McNuggets into is the shape of a snake.

"Turn it into a bow tie."