Hit-and-run victim: No warning before woman lashed out with car

Posted at 5:55 PM, Dec 27, 2013

HOPEWELL, Va. (WTVR) – Two of the victims of a Hopewell hit-and-run that sent six people to the hospital are breaking their silence about what happened.

CBS 6 News’ Melissa Hipolit spoke to the 4-year-old and her mother, who were recovering at home Friday.

Little Laniah Lewis loves showing off her favorite Christmas present from Santa. But the girl will not be able to ride her new bike for some time because of a broken finger.

The child was hurt when police said 24-year-old Setesha Linton slammed into Laniah, her mother and four other people Thursday afternoon after neighbors said Linton got into a fight with another woman over a man.

All six victims went to the hospital with injuries. The incident left LaTona Lewis, Laniah’s mom, on crutches with a bruised leg.

“My leg and my feet was killing me… I couldn’t move,” she said.

Lewis also said Linton warned no one before lashing out with her car.

“We just heard like the gas, vroom, vroom, vroom [and] next thing I know, the car was up on me,” she said.

Lewis managed to call her mother while lying on the ground injured.

Rose Lewis says it is hard to fathom what she found at the scene.

“People was lying around. I mean this girl was lying over there [and] she wasn't moving,” Lewis said. “The little girl she was screaming and hollering and holding her hand like this.”

Now the three generations of Lewis women are hoping the woman accused of running them down can get help -- and they are thankful their injuries were not worse.