UPDATE: Mom frustrated after home shot up with bullets

Posted at 5:30 PM, Sep 09, 2013
and last updated 2013-09-10 12:11:53-04

UPDATE: A Richmond Police spokesman said a detective interviewed Yahne on Tuesday morning. Police said while the precinct had been handling the shooting investigation since last week, it was assigned to a major crimes detective Monday afternoon.

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - A Richmond woman wonders where the police are, and why they aren't doing more, after a shooting left her home riddled with bullets.

Yahne did not want CBS 6 to show her face or reveal her last name, but she did want to show her home near Church Hill in Richmond on 31st Street.

According to Yahne, last Wednesday around 11 p.m. her home was "shot up" while her family was inside. No injuries, miraculously, were reported.

"They shot at my house and I have kids; they took it too far," Yahne said.

Bullet holes are clearly visible in the apartment door, in the window in the bedroom where her daughter sleeps, in the television, even in the hamburger helper food mix.

Yahne says her family hid in the closet while the bullets were being fired.

"I just want to move I just to move from here--its not safe at all," Yahne said.

While Yahne was happy with the initial police response, she is unhappy with the status of the investigation.

"My case has yet to be assigned to a detective," Yahne said Monday.

Yahne explains that there are bullet casings on her kitchen counter because the police have yet to ask her to hand them over as evidence.

Yahne also says she's been unable to tell the full story of why she thinks her home was targeted. She believes it happened as a result of her elementary- school-aged children getting into an altercation with other neighborhood children. She says  other adults retaliated with the shooting.

"All of this was unnecessary and uncalled for," Yahne added.