GRUESOME DISCOVERY: Yorkshire terrier found beheaded

Posted at 12:58 AM, Jul 25, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-25 06:39:26-04

EMPORIA, Va. (WTVR) - Animal control officers in Emporia are investigating the discovery of a decapitated dog.

The small Yorkshire Terrier was found Wednesday morning in front of a home on Reigel Road in Greensville County. The family contacted Peggy Malone and Tara Malone-Menendez at the Greensville/Emporia Humane Society to report the gruesome discovery.

"It's horrible," Peggy Malone said. "I can't imagine any person doing this to a defenseless little animal."

The black/brown Yorkie's body was severed at the neck, Tara Malone-Menendez said. The dog was wearing a small harness, but no collar was located.

A pool of blood was also discovered in the street, along with several skid marks.

While Menendez initially thought the dog had been struck by a vehicle, she said the positioning of the body and head, along with the clean cut, indicated the animal was intentionally beheaded.

"As small as he was with the size of a tire, there should have been some type of trauma to the front of the animal, the head, or the rear of the animal," Menendez said.

Malone said a veterinarian who works with the humane society confirmed the dog's injuries were not consistent with an animal being struck by a vehicle.

While Malone said she's contacted the Sheriff's Department, animal control officers are handling the investigation. Several calls to animal control officer John Mise were not returned as of Wednesday evening.

Malone and Menendez said they searched the neighborhood for the dog's owner.  They said a neighbor told them a man had been looking for a small dog earlier in the week.

The humane society is offering a reward for information in the case.