“Out” On The Field

Posted at 12:16 AM, Jul 20, 2013
and last updated 2013-07-20 00:16:05-04

RICHMOND (WTVR) – Back in May, we had a chance to sit down with Kevin Grayson, a former standout football player at the University of Richmond who had a story to tell about gay athletes who happen to play football.

Grayson’s admission of being a gay football player was ground breaking at the time. To the best of our knowledge, no football player had publicly come out in this way.

We wanted to know what kind of feedback, positive or negative, he had received since our story originally aired. The results were surprising to Grayson, all over an interview he originally did not want to do.

The following is our original story, then our follow-up interview where Grayson tells of the reaction he has received, and finally some words of advice he has for others looking to make a similar declaration.