Widow says husband hit by train likely listening to podcast

Posted at 10:36 PM, Jul 07, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) - The widow of a man hit and killed by a train wants to know if her husband suffered any pain.

"Do they know if he died suddenly?" Gina Coutlakis asked during an interview with CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George on Sunday.

Her husband, 51-year-old James Coutlakis, was killed while he walked along the tracks near Douglasdale Ave. near Powhite Parkway Saturday morning.

"He was a passionate person - he had something to say about everything," Gina said of her husband of nearly 20 years. She said James found walking on the train tracks soothing. She said he likely did not hear the approaching train because he often listened to podcasts while on his walks.

"That's probably what he was listening to at the time of his death," Gina said.

James and Gina Coutlakis had three boys. The youngest child, just five years old, had not yet been told of his father's death.

Gina said she hoped her husband's death served as an important lesson to other -- to never walk on train tracks alone.

A foundation has been set up to help the family and is available here: