WEATHER: Snowfall Forecast

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 15, 2013

This weekend’s snow event should be minor, much like the others we have seen so far this winter.  The snow that falls during the day Saturday will have a tough time accumulating, as surface temps should remain above freezing.  We’ll have a brief window Saturday evening where the snow falls and the temperatures are close enough to freezing to pick up about an inch of snow, most likely limited to the grassy surfaces, car tops, etc.  Areas south and east of Richmond will have a better chance of receiving more than an inch of snow, as a coastal low rapidly develops Saturday night into early Sunday morning.
Snowfall ForecastLooking ahead, the medium range models continue to point towards a freezing rain scenario in central Virginia next Friday, with the potential for an ice storm across northern and western Virginia.  I’ll have updates on this in the coming days.  Enjoy whatever snow comes your way, and have a great weekend!  -Zach
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