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Store charges liberals more since nation has ‘fiscal problem’

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 16, 2013
and last updated 2013-01-16 17:59:52-05

VERNAL, Utah--A Utah business owner is taking the political views of his customers into consideration when ringing up purchases, by charging liberals more!

George Burnett’s new business has only been open a few weeks, but it's already getting rave reviews.

But there is one thing that's left some folks with a bitter taste.

"I'm very open about it, very public about it, that I'm going to charge them a little bit more, and I have liberals come in and pay the extra dollar surcharge,” said Burnett.

Burnett, a diehard supporter of domestic energy and longtime health food fan, charges those who identify themselves as liberals one dollar more for their drinks.

Then he donates the money to conservative causes.

"And actually all three liberals have been happy to pay it,” he said.

But a few have cried foul on Burnett’s Facebook page. 

"This is pathetic," one person wrote.

"One place in town I won't be going," another said.

And "highly offensive and inappropriate" is how another described it.

Burnett said his goal isn't to offend, it's to educate.

"We have a fiscal problem in this country,” he said. “We've got to deal with it or we don't have a country, so to kind of help make that point, just a little bit, I charge just a little bit more."

Conservative customers like Corey Peterson support Burnett’s message and his method. "To see them being charged a little bit more, it makes me happy.”