Some Henrico residents upset about county’s ‘rising’ future

Posted at 11:43 PM, Dec 29, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-29 23:43:07-05

HENRICO, VA (WTVR) -- Henrico is running out of land and to compensate leaders are allowing developers to build higher buildings. 

"Development is going to take us up - that is where the future is," Henrico County Supervisor David Kaechle said. 

No place is this more evident than Innsbrook, where county leaders recently approved Highwoods Properties request to build a building in the upwards of 200 feet. 

"We are running out of raw, undeveloped land," Kaechle said. 

But not all residents are pleased with the county's decision. 

Hal Taylor moved to Henrico in the late 1990's to escape buildings. For years he has enjoyed the sunrise in his backyard which, under the plan, will be obstructed in the future. 

"I hate to see buildings 200 feet and above back here," Taylor said. 

"It's a natural beauty back here," Taylor added. 

While Taylor understands there is not much he can do now that it is approved, he hopes the developers at least build a privacy fence for residents so they can have some sort of privacy. 

"At the time we moved here this was all woods," Taylor said. 

Ground is expected to be broken on the Innsbrook project in the Spring of 2013 according to county leaders.