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Weather hinders search for missing Goochland man in Ariz.

Posted at 10:42 PM, Dec 27, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-27 23:38:03-05

GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- William Holzgrefe planned on returning home to his mom’s house in Goochland long before Christmas, but he never did.

The 34-year-old vanished without a trace. His last record of financial or cell phone use is more than two weeks ago. Police and his family are worried.

Flagstaff, Arizona, is a long way from his Goochland County home. Police say they are searching everywhere in between for the 34-year-old Holzgrefe.

Police say he was in Phoenix, Arizona recently on business, then took a leisure trip to Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is an area known for its canyons and tourist sites that has been inundated with snow recently. Holzgrefe rented an SUV that he never returned.

His last contact with his mother was on Dec. 9. Police say he hasn't used his phone or credit cards since December 11th. Police add he sent a package home prior to his disappearance.

Police say they are doing everything they can, including plane and chopper searches, weather permitting.

"We've put his information on Facebook,” said Sgt. James Jackson of the Flagstaff Police Department. “We've put a “be on the look-out” for that SUV with Arizona tags, and we've alerted several law enforcement agencies here in the west. There's a massive search ongoing for this gentlemen."

Jon Burkett spoke with Holzgrefe's mom Thursday afternoon. She said she had nothing more to add other than what police have already released.

Flagstaff police reiterated Thursday that weather conditions were making a ground search very difficult.