WEATHER: Staying Cool For Another Week

Posted at 10:50 PM, Nov 01, 2012
and last updated 2012-11-01 22:50:33-04

The graph below shows a plot (indicated by the blue line) of high temperatures from late October (actual highs) and the first full week of November (forecast highs).  The straight yellow line indicates the normal high temperature for late October into the first of November.  A persistent trough over the eastern U.S. has kept, and will continue to keep, our high temperatures below normal for at least another week.

Medium range models (both the GFS and ECMWF “Euro”) show the development of a nor’easter by the middle of next week.  This system, as it is currently depicted, would bring rain to the Mid-Atlantic, and snow interior New England.  We have nearly a week to watch how this system evolves, as it is currently over the NE Pacific Ocean, and it should be interesting to see how the track and intensity might change.  Check back later for more updates.  Click here for updates on my facebook page.  -Zach