WEATHER: Sandy’s ‘worst-case scenario’ gets worse

Posted at 6:12 PM, Oct 24, 2012
and last updated 2012-10-25 05:39:37-04

Here’s an update on how much of an impact we could see from Sandy as it moves along the Mid-Atlantic coast this weekend, and the overall impact from a worst-case scenario has gotten even bigger for central and eastern VA.  The numbers above each city on the map represent wind gusts, and the colors of green and blue indicate 6-hour rainfall.

The graphic above shows conditions at 7 AM Monday, with strong northeast winds, gusting to 51 mph and heavy rain.

At 1 PM Monday, winds are gusting to 55 mph and the heavy rain continues as the eye of Sandy moves along the Eastern Shore of VA.

By 7 PM Monday, the eye of Sandy is near southern New Jersey, with wind gusts still over 50 mph in Richmond with heavy rain.  The rain and wind then decreases across the area late Monday night into Tuesday as Sandy moves farther north and inland, transitioning to a full-fledged nor’easter. The model forecast accumulated rainfall is shown in the graphic below.

Keep in mind, this is the most aggressive model, and it’s still very possible that things won’t be as bad around central VA as Sandy moves by.  This blog update is intended to give you an idea of what could happen with Sandy, and preparations should be made very soon in case the worst-case scenario plays out.  Click here for updates on my facebook page. -Zach