Snow here today, gone tomorrow

Posted at 4:19 AM, Feb 20, 2012
and last updated 2012-02-25 01:22:24-05

We’ll maybe not all of it, but the heavy wet snowfall we received yesterday will be fighting an uphill battle trying to maintain its frozen status over the next few days.

We reached the mid 40s today, and I expect our highs to reach the low 50s tomorrow, low 60s Wednesday, and hit 70 on Thursday.

That’s a lethal lineup for even the deepest drifts found in the hardest hit areas of west-central Virginia. And then there’s that problem with black ice that will be an issue for the next couple of mornings.

I noticed my children this morning were wet rather than cold when they came inside from playing in the winter wonderland.

This is nothing new to Virginians, as we’ve seen this scenario many times, especially as we approach Spring. If you’re a snow lover and the totals weren’t enough to satisfy you for the season, take comfort in knowing that some of the biggest snows we’ve had in our state’s history have occurred in the month of March.

Nothing very promising is showing up in the pattern over the next week or so, with the only system of even minor interest arriving around the first of March.

I’ll be tracking any potential closely, and will have the latest on the air, at, and on my facebook page.

Enjoy the week, and the snow while it lasts.