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Woman who killed bride in DUI golf cart crash to remain in jail

Jamie Komoroski requested bail after spending three months in jail before her trial date. She was denied by a South Carolina judge.
Woman who killed bride in DUI golf cart crash to remain in jail
Posted at 11:02 PM, Aug 02, 2023

A 25-year-old woman accused of killing a bride in a DUI accident in Folly Beach, South Carolina, was denied bail during a new hearing after spending months in jail after the crash. 

Jamie Komoroski was denied bail during a hearing by Circuit Court Judge Michael G. Nettles. She still has yet to stand trial in the case. 

34-year-old Samantha Miller was killed in the crash, and her husband Aric Hutchinson had a brain injury and multiple broken bones. Two others were also injured in the crash. They were all in a golf cart being transported from one location to another during their wedding celebration. 

Komoroski's blood alcohol level was detected at over three times the legal limit after the crash and police said she was driving at 65 mph in a 25 mph zone when the car she was in struck the wedding party's golf cart. 

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A trial date is currently set for March 2024, and judge Nettles urged that both parties and their legal defense teams work to have the trial as quickly as possible. If the case isn't heard by the current trial date the judge said Komoroski can be released on a $150,000 surety bond and would be monitored and placed on house arrest. 

Police said the golf cart was driving legally and had proper indicators and lights allowing it to be driven at night.  

The groom's mother created a GoFundMe page asking for donations to help cover hospital bills and funeral expenses. 

Komoroski was charged with reckless vehicular homicide along with three counts of driving under the influence causing death. She faces up to 25 years in prison for each count of DUI.

The Post and Courier reported that four people were in the golf cart.

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