Tampa homeowner recalls moment when Tom Brady accidentally 'broke in' to his house

Tom Brady Super Bowl
Posted at 8:19 AM, Feb 08, 2021

TAMPA, Fla. — A Tampa homeowner says it's a story he'll one day tell his children.

For Tom Brady it was, at the most, an embarrassing moment. But for David Kramer it was much more than that. In fact, it even helped him sell his house.

Kramer will never forget one April day in 2020 when Tom Brady — new to Tampa having just signed to a new team for the first time in his 20-year career — broke into his house.

“Who can say that?" Kramer asked. "Who can say Tom Brady accidentally walked into their house."

Kramer was confused as a tall, shadowy figure opened his front door.

“He didn’t scare me because he just looked so nice and he walked in with such confidence that it was just like he belonged there," Kramer said.

It doesn’t hit either of them at first.

“And he goes, ‘What's up man?’ he just looked at me and I just go, ‘I don't know man, you tell me,'" Kramer recounted.

It turns out Brady was looking for the home of Byron Leftwich, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive coordinator. Kramer happened to be Leftwich's neighbor.

Brady quickly realized he was in the wrong house.

“He had this look on his face like terror, like, ‘Oh my god I did it again,'" Kramer said.

"Did it again," because Brady had recently been booted from a closed Tampa park. The internet joked the former Boston-resident was now officially a "Florida Man."

It then clicked in Kramer's head why the stranger's face seems so familiar.

“I want(ed) to yell his name and be like Tom, Tom, Tom! I couldn't get it out," said Kramer.

The homeowner says none of his family or friends even believed him until the story blew up. The strange and brief encounter even helped him sell his house.

“[The realtor] said, 'this is the house Tom Brady walked in on,' and she did use that and it did sell," he said.

Kramer cheered on Brady and the Buccaneers Sunday as the quarterback won his seventh Super Bowl.

“Tampa's fired up...I've never seen the town like this," he said.

Kramer wants Brady to know there are no hard feelings. If the "GOAT" ever has the time Kramer, says he’d love to know what Brady thought in that awkward moment.

This story was originally published by Isabel Rosales on WFTS in Tampa, Florida.