Bark Air, first airline for dogs, launching flights in May

The first-class experience for dogs features calming music, warm towels, noise-canceling earmuffs, treats and more.
Bark Air dog airline
Posted at 10:31 AM, Apr 30, 2024

Who let the dogs out?

Bark Air, a new luxury airline for dogs, will launch its first flights this May.

The airline gives dogs first-class treatment with charter flights designed to pamper pooches and make flying less stressful on them. Dog parents will accompany their pets on the flights.

Bark, the company behind the popular BarkBox and other pet services and products, says the canines will travel with a “dogs fly first” mentality, complete with beverage choices like water or bone broth, warm calming towels scented with lavender, and treats and snacks.

Bark Air airport sign takes aim at other airlines forcing dogs in bags during fights
Bark Air launches its first flights in May.

“Traveling long distances with a dog is a challenge many dog parents face, particularly for those dogs that don’t fit into a carrier that can be placed under the seat in front. Too often, dogs are denied travel, confined to a duffle bag, or endure the stress of flying in cargo,” Bark said in a press release. “Recognizing these challenges, and the increasing demand for an accessible solution, Bark Air presents a more fun – and humane – option for dogs traveling with their two-legged human companions.”

Once a flight is booked, a Bark Air concierge will contact pet owners to get information about each dog and their human companion to ensure a positive experience.

On flight day, pooches and their parents are to arrive at the airport 45 minutes to an hour before takeoff, and won’t have to deal with lines, screenings or TSA checkpoints.

A Bark Air concierge will be at the gate to help socialize canines with fellow doggy passengers and prep them for their cabin experience.

Before boarding, dogs will be treated to calming pheromones, music and colors they like best. All dogs will have access to calming treats, noise-canceling earmuffs and calming jackets.

Bark Air dog passengers relax in the cabin
Bark Air dog passengers relax in the cabin.

"Just in case” bags will be provided at the gate, which include items like poop bags and leashes.

Flights will not be filled to capacity to ensure dogs and their parents have a comfortable amount of space.

Bark Air is launching with limited destinations to start.

The airline will kick off with routes between New York’s Westchester County Airport, the Los Angeles area’s Van Nuys Airport, and London’s Stansted Airport.

Flights in May between New York and Los Angeles will cost $6,000 per dog and human pair, and $8,000 for flights between New York and London for each pooch and parent couple.

New routes will launch in the summer.

Bark Air, first airline for dogs, launching flights in May