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They help empower young Black girls. Now, they hope the community can help them.

Posted at 4:49 PM, Feb 08, 2023

RICHMOND, Va. -- A Richmond non-profit that focuses on youth development and empowering African American girls is one step closer to its dream of creating and owning a safe space for the girls to bloom and grow.

Angela Patton, the founder and CEO of Girls For a Change, says her organization is on a mission to prepare Black girls for the world and to prepare the world for Black girls.

Their latest effort is a capital campaign to make a once-rented space a place to call their own.

"One Million Reasons to Build campaign is about building a brave space for Black girls. Launched it with the hope that we could purchase the building and we hit the mark. We are super excited and proud," Patton said.

The next step is remodeling the building, but the leaders of the organization need volunteer help from experts in the community, like architects and interior designers, who may be willing to help them complete their next goal.

"Join our building and strategy campaign. We have a campaign where people can bring their expertise, their talent, they can bring their experiences," Patton said.

The goal is to make sure to involve participants of the organization like Rachel Stanton.

"They are part of the process. Part of the legacy and knowing that we created something that will be here, outside of me and them. This is what you call sustainability, what we call change making and preserving Black excellence," Patton said.

Stanton, a high school senior who has her sights set on college and then law school, says GFAC helped strengthen her foundation, opening her mind to enriching life experiences that are putting her on a path to success. She knows when their new building is complete, the organization will lead even more young ladies down that same road.

"There's always somebody in the room to teach me something or there's something I can learn from and that experience has been invaluable," Stanton said.

"It's just being intentional and focusing on girls in our community that we have extreme unmet needs in our community, but everyone is welcome in that building. Everyone is welcome to bring something that will get our girls to victory," Patton said.