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How this Virginia family plans to make Belle Isle shine across the country

Posted at 1:00 AM, Nov 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-04 01:01:22-05

RICHMOND, Va. — For thousands of people in Virginia, Belle Isle is a historic location turned gathering place to run, hike, bike, or just relax on the James River rocks. But if Vince Riggi and Brian Marks have their way, Belle Isle will be known around the country for much, much more.

Riggi and Marks are brothers-in-law who created Belle Isle Moonshine, a Richmond-based spirit.

Brian Marks and Vince Riggi, founders of Belle Isle Moonshine

On this week’s episode of “Eat It, Virginia!” the founders of Belle Isle Moonshine tell Robey and Scott how a dream shared over drinks as friends became a full-on family affair. They also discussed the decision behind launching Belle Isle’s new brand of canned cocktails and answered their most frequently asked questions:

1) What is moonshine?
2) Does it taste good?
3) What the hell do I do with it?

Belle Isle Moonshine Canned Cocktails

Plus, Robey goes old school — literally — bringing up high school experiences she shared with Brian.

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