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Everywhere You Are: a leopard print poem

Posted at 11:03 AM, Feb 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-09 11:03:58-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- In today's Everywhere You Are segment, we recite a fantastic poem (all about our favorite print) submitted by our viewer, Evelyn S. Rodriquez! Enjoy!


By: Evelyn S. Rodriquez

Some people ask why we wear the leopard print

They want to know our purpose or maybe our intent

A look at the following statements may tell why –

The leopard print is special and always catches the eye

When a man wears leopard, he wants you to know

That he is strong and powerful, but has a soft side to show

A woman wearing the print, cannot be ignored

She is stylish and sexy, with confidence galore

Leopard print is on everything, it’s very versatile

It’s been around for years, and is never out of style

Wear a leopard dress, leopard pants, or night clothes in bed

Leopard shoes, a leopard purse, or something on your head

The print looks good on everyone, no matter the age or size

It makes you feel so good, just like winning a prize

Whether formal or casual, it has been found

That when this print is worn, all heads turn around

To show sophistication, or even danger and mystery

Wear the leopard print and see what the reaction will be

It can be worn on every occasion and in any season

Wear it wherever and whenever, and for no special reason

There are more qualities that the print exemplifies

But the list is too long to even summarize

Strong colors, unique patterns, all stand out so much

They help to explain why the print has a magic touch

We enjoy Leopard Print Thursday and eagerly await

Those special Thursdays when we can celebrate

We are ready, set, and waiting to go

We’ll be dressed in leopard print from head to toe