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An easy variation for America’s favorite Cobb salad

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Posted at 12:09 PM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 12:09:11-04

RICHMOND, Va. - Perhaps America’s favorite salad, the Cobb salad, was made popular in the 1930s by California restauranteur Robert Cobb. Since then, Cobb salads have been featured on menus all across the country and occasionally include delicious variations. Today, our friend Mary Rapoport, consumer affairs director at the Virginia Egg Council, shares her favorite Cobb salad variation that you can try at home. To learn more about the Virginia Egg Council, visit their website.

Corona Cobb Salad Recipe

Serves one

2 cups torn lettuce (or spinach or any greens)

1 hardboiled egg, sliced, quartered, or chopped (no substituted for eggs!)

½ avocado, sliced or chopped large (canned beets, chilled beans, corn)

½ tomato, sliced or chopped large (watermelon chunks, mango slices)

½ cup cooked chicken, sliced or chopped large (smoked salmon, leftover roast beef or pork)

¼ cup cooked bacon, crumbled (turkey jerky, bacon bits, sliced olives)

2 tablespoons blue cheese (any grated or crumbled cheese)

Vinaigrette dressing (or dressing of choice)

Pile the lettuce on a plate or in a bowl. Then arrange the rest of the ingredients in piles or in stipes on top of the lettuce. Serve with a Vinaigrette or a dressing of your choice. Enjoy.

Stay safe. Wash hands. Eat eggs!