His son went missing after a night at a Richmond club. 8 years later, he's still searching for him.

Posted at 9:45 PM, Dec 19, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- Rannie Williams is a Richmond father holding onto the hope that one day his son will come home.

Randall Collins was 24 years old when he vanished without a trace from Richmond in April 2014.

Now, more than eight years later, his father reached out to CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burkett and the Reopen the Case Foundation to shed light on the missing person’s mystery.

Randall was hanging out at a nightclub in downtown Richmond and walked away from it. But where did he go?

Detective Clarence Key from Richmond Police is working on the case. Detectives told the foundation and Jon that they have successfully swabbed DNA from several members of Randall's family and entered it into a state and nationwide data bank.

"There's different accounts, stating that he was seen leaving the club standing outside of the club, along the canal wall that's close by the club. There are some reports that he was seen possibly getting into a vehicle for a couple of males."

Soon after Randall's disappearance, a body was discovered in the canal, but investigators quickly determined it wasn't him.

"It's been 8 long years," said Randall's father. "Man, it is hell. I'm dealing with PTSD. I haven't found my son and it's really, I can't put it into words. It is draining, it takes everything from your soul. You know, just knowing that it's no conclusion. I mean, I pray and hope for the best but not knowing is horrible."

If you have any information involved in this investigation, please contact Detective Key at 804-646-5100 or contact Reopen the Case at 833- RTCFNVA.

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