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Woman in Texas reconnects with woman who saved her life

Posted at 3:16 PM, Jul 09, 2021

Erin Scheer and Rosanna Flores are all hugs, tears, and smiles reconnecting for the first time since Rosanna saved Erin’s life.

Last week, Scheer and her daughter stopped by a local convenience store during a trip to Central Texas. Suddenly, tragedy struck as Scheer collapsed in front of her 4-year-old daughter.

“I had a cardiac event. My heart stopped, and I died,” said Scheer.

This security video shows Her daughter screaming for help as her mother lay clinging to life.

“To see yourself die like that, imagine not having anybody around you to save your life. I couldn’t watch it the first time,” said Scheer.

When all hope seemed lost, Flores and another woman sprang into action, performing CPR.

“I was glad I knew CPR to help her. Not a lot of people know CPR, but it’s something anybody can learn. I didn’t think I’d be thrown in the line of fire, but I would do it again any day of the week,” said Flores.

Flores said she had not done training in quite some time, but she performed CPR until EMS arrived.

They shocked Scheer with paddles, gave her oxygen, and PROVIDED several other life-saving measures to revive Scheer.

“The ambulance did not have the lights on, and I was scared. I was scared that she did not make it because she was down. I didn’t have anything else to do but pray,” said Flores.

Scheer survived. She was transported to a local hospital, and after three days, she was released on Friday.

“My soul was in turmoil, and I had to find the woman who gave me my life,” said Scheer.

After being released from the hospital, Scheer took to Facebook to find the women who saved her. Now, her life-threatening experience has left her with a lifetime friend.

Another woman, along with Flores, stepped in to see if Scheer’s life, but she did not want to be on camera. She started a fundraiser on Facebook for the two women to raise money to thank you for saving her life.

Jarell Baker at KXXV first reported this story.